Tajba is a Bali based maker of artisan nut and grains.

We stand for quality, sustainability and innovation, and like mad scientists we obsessively experiment, blend, crunch, squeeze and create so as to deliver what we feel are the best plant-based milks available.

Made with love in the heart of Bali, our products use freshest ingredients, and rich in taste and health benefits galore. We take pride in using natural ingredients in each product of Tajba. No chemicals, preservatives, thickeners, or additives are used, ever. This means our products are guaranteed nutritious, fresh, and natural.

With a strong environmental and sustainable ethos underlying our decisions, we decided early on that we could simply never commit to further contributing to the earth’s plastic problem.

All of our products are sold in reusable glass bottles that we encourage people to return to us so as to minimise any degree of waste and allow us to keep our prices low.

Our products range are raw almond milk, raw cashew milk, raw hazelnut milk, raw oat milk, raw pumpkin seed milk, raw sunflower seed milk, overnight oats, and muesli.

You can order our products and have them delivered directly to you or perhaps as a gift for someone special.

Feel free to contact us at any time for orders and inquiries.

Contact Info:
Telegram - 20x20 @tajbatalk
Whatsapp - 20x20 +62-823-4036-5795
Email - 20x20 Tajba Email

Thank you and warm regards,

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