Now Tajba Granola is Available at Nirmala Pie Susu & Pia

Now Tajba Granola is available at Nirmala Pie Susu & Pia.

For those of you who are in or live around Nangka Selatan Street, now you can get Tajba Granola more easily. Please stop by to get Tajba Granola at Nirmala Pie Susu & Pia, located at Nangka Selatan Street 143, Denpasar.

Nirmala Pie Susu & Pia is open daily from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm. In Nirmala Pie Susu & Pia is also available Balinese traditional snacks.

Bring happiness with healthy snack from Tajba.

Good food for good people.