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The Art of Changing Negative Energy into Positive Energy

Have you ever heard of Bernie Eccelestone?

He is the founder of Formula One (F1) Group, and also a CEO for 40 years. Steady huh?

One day, Bernie walks out of his office in Knightsbridge. When he passed a quiet place, some people faced. Surrounded Bernie. He was robbed! Beaten up to battered. His right eye is swollen black.

All the valuables he had taken were robbers, all vanished. Includes a luxury watch worth 4 billion rupiah: Hublot.

If you as Bernie, what would you do?
Angry to the police officers?
Or nagging to children and wives, transferring negative energy to them?
But Bernie did not.
He will not be a successful entrepreneur if his behavior is the same as the average person.

What Bernie did was simple enough and weird.
He asks people for help photographing his battered face.
Then print it out and send it to CEO Hublot, Jean Claude Biver.
He wrote a message: “See what people will do for a Hublot”.

This is a simple complaint from the F1 Boss. But sharp!

For the average person, if they get a negative complaint, they will panic.
They will try their best to prevent bad stories from spreading.
But CEO Hublot is different.
Instead, he asked Bernie for permission to make an advertisement by putting up his battered picture.
Simultaneously requesting that Hublot to be the official watch of Formula 1.

The Art of Changing Negative Energy into Positive Energy

What happens?

After the commercial was launched, the sales of Hublot watches skyrocketed!

Bernie is robbed, but instead gets money as an advertising model and also gets a share of the profits from sales of the clock.
And CEO Hublot who got complaints from F1 Boss, even managed to turn it into a commercial that gives big profits!

This is the art of CHANGING negative energy into positive.
The key is on your RESPONSES.