Almond Milk – Low Calorie Milk For Healthy Living

Almond milk is milk made from almonds. This milk has low sodium content, as well as a high content of healthy fats, such as omega fatty acids present in fish. Does not contain cholesterol and saturated fat, so it is good for heart health. In addition, this milk can also help prevent high blood pressure.

Almond Milk - Low Calorie Milk For Healthy Living

Very low calorie content is also very useful to run a weight loss diet program. One glass of almond milk contains only about 40 calories. Much lower than that of cow’s milk. However, if you want to consume as part of the diet, make sure to combine it with other food menu, and certainly sufficient calories needed by the body.

Its natural content without any extras has a low enough carbohydrate value, so it can not increase blood sugar levels. Making the body can reduce the risk of diabetes. Low glycemic content will use carbohydrates as energy the body needs, so it will not be stored as fat.