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3R – The Best Way To Manage and Handle Waste

3R or Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle until now is still the best way to manage and handle waste with various problems. The application of the 3R system or reuse, reduce, and recycle becomes one of the waste management solutions in addition to processing waste into compost or using waste to become a source of electricity.

3R consists of Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle.

3R - The Best Way To Manage and Handle Waste

Reduce means we reduce the use of ingredients that can damage the environment. Reduce also means reducing spending on items that you do not “need” too much like new clothes, additional accessories or anything that is essentially reducing needs. Reduce the use of plastic bottles with glass bottles, reduce the use of tissue paper with a handkerchief, reduce the use of paper in the office with a print preview before printing so that it is not wrong, read online newspapers, and others.

Reuse itself means reuse, for example giving your used clothes to an orphan. But the closest is to provide clothes that are too small for your brother or sister, besides baby clothes that are only a few months old are still good and can be given to those in need. Also reuse the glass bottle, after cleaning, of course.

Recycle is recycling goods. The easiest is to recycle organic waste in your home, using used plastic water bottles or anything as a plant pot, to recycle used paper to become paper again. Massive recycling has not become a habit in Indonesia. Trash cans that distinguish between organic and non-organic alone do not work. We need to thank the environmental guerrillas who are creative recycling and transmitting it to many people.