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Doing 3R (Reduce Reuse Recycle) Every Day

Managing waste with the 3R (Reuse Reduce Recycle) system can be done by anyone, at any time (every day), anywhere, and at no cost. All it takes is a little time and our care.

The following are 3R (Reuse Reduce Recycle) activities that can be done at home, school, office, or in other public places.

Doing 3R (Reduce Reuse Recycle) Every Day

Examples of daily reuse activities:
– Choose a container, bag or object that can be used several times or repeatedly. For example, use a napkin from cloth instead of using a tissue, using a battery that can be recharged.
– Reuse containers or packages that have been empty for the same function or other functions. For example, used beverage bottles are used again as a place for cooking oil.
– Use electronic storage devices that can be deleted and rewritten.
– Use the blank side of the paper to write.
– Use e-mail to send letters.
– Sell or provide sorted waste to those who need it

Examples of daily reduce activities:
– Choose products with recyclable packaging.
– Avoid using and buying products that produce large amounts of waste.
– Use products that can be refilled. For example a stationery that can be refilled again).
– Maximize the use of electronic storage devices that can be deleted and rewritten.
– Reduce the use of disposable ingredients.
– Use both sides of the paper for writing and photocopying.
– Avoid buying and using unnecessary items.

Examples of daily recycle activities:
– Choose products and packaging that can be recycled and easily decomposed.
– Waste paper into paper or cardboard again.
– Do organic waste processing into compost.
– Do non-organic waste processing into useful items.