Almond Milk for Children’s Brain Intelligence

Almonds are super food that preferably be included in a child’s diet to help improve cognitive function.

Almond has lean protein which is very good for the brain. In addition to supplying energy, almonds help in repairing damaged brain cells during the life process. This is very helpful in improving cognitive function of the brain which clearly includes memory capacity. Also increases memory retention capacity.

Mineral zinc is one of the important ingredients in almonds. Mineral zinc is useful for the growth of the body, especially the brain. Besides strengthening the human immune system, almonds also function as powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals in the blood.

Almond Milk for Children's Brain Intelligence

Almonds are rich in vitamins and very important for brain health. The presence of vitamin B6 makes almonds an important part of the human diet. Almonds also have vitamin E which slows the brain’s aging process.

Almonds also have omega-3 fatty acids that function to improve brain intelligence.