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Simple and Practical Way to Prevent Rice Not Easily Stale

It’s annoying if you want to eat rice, uh … the rice has stale … even though it hasn’t passed a day …

Here are some tips for rice not getting stale fast ….

1. Before entering rice, apply magic jar with banana leaves. Besides the rice not easily stale, the smell of rice will become more fragrant.

Simple and Practical Way to Prevent Rice Not Easily Stale

2. After dinner, cover the magic jar with a clean wipe to eliminate steam of rice, then unplug the magic jar. In this way, rice will last until morning.

3. If you want to use magic jar which also functions as a rice cooker / rice warmers, the following way might be tried. Before the rice is cooked, add a few drops of lime juice. Do not worry that the taste of rice will not change even if added with lime juice.

4. Durability rice is also very dependent on the washing process. If you want the rice not easily stale, wash rice as clean as possible. Unfortunately, this method will remove vitamin B that attaches to the epidermis of rice.