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The Almost Miraculous Benefits Of Frangipani Flower – Traditional Medicine for Various Diseases

Frangipani flower plants are plants that are resistant to disease and resistant to weather changes. It can live for hundreds of years. The colors vary depending on the type. But generally white with the inside yellow.

This beautiful flower is found everywhere, like in the garden as an ornamental plant, in the tomb as a marker, also in temples in Bali. They are ussualy used for hair decoration, room decoration, and also for traditonal medicine.

Frangipani Flower - Traditional Medicine for Various Diseases

Frangipani flowers can treat several diseases, such as:

1. Remove warts
2. As an anti-inflammatory
3. Treating cavities
4. As an antibiotic drug
5. Treating gonorrhea
6. Overcoming swelling
7. Treat boils
8. Prevent skin diseases
9. Maintain skin elasticity
10. Eliminate moles