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Sunflower Seed Benefits for Health

Sunflower seeds are a good source of nutrition, which contains vitamin E, also known as gamma-tocopherol. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant found in nuts and seeds, where sunflower seeds are one of them. The function of antioxidants that is widely known is to fight free radical damage in the body.

In addition, for those who like snacking on sunflower seeds, it is good for improving heart health. Why? Because the substance in sunflower seeds can reduce LDL cholesterol and also be able to prevent hypertension.

Sunflower Seed Benefits for Health

The magnesium content in sunflower seeds can balance the calcium and potassium content in the body. Then, the magnesium content is able to prevent bone loss and help reduce chronic headaches, constipation and cramps in the muscles.

In addition to keep the skin soft and healthy, the lipid content of essential fatty acids from sunflower seeds also keeps the skin hydrated and free from sun damage and pollution.

Nutrition in sunflower seeds can help stop the surge and decrease in blood sugar experienced by many people due to a diet too high in sugar, processed grains, sweet drinks, and processed foods.

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