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Awesome Benefits of Bitter Melon for Treatment and Health

Not many people like foods that have a bitter taste like bitter melon. In fact, bitter melon is often processed into vegetable dishes.

Bitter melon has a long, round shape with irregular speckled skin. The skin color of the fruit is green when raw and turns orange green when ripe. Pare has many seeds and is yellowish brown in color. The shape of the seed is flat and elongated hard.

Bitter melon contains oleic, linoleic, stearic and oleostearic fatty acids. It also contains vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C. In addition, bitter melon also contains momordicin alkaloids, carantine (hydroxithriptamine), and saponins.

Awesome Benefits of Bitter Melon for Treatment and Health

Bitter melon has many benefits that are useful for medicine and health including:

-Healthy digestion
-Keep weight
-Overcoming diabetes
-Help treating HIV / AIDS
-Good for eye health
-Determine pimples
-Reducing bad cholesterol levels
-Clean the blood
-Prevent cancer
-Heal wounds quickly
-Overcome dandruff
-Overcome hair loss
-Overcome dry and itchy scalp
-Explaining breast milk
-Treating whooping cough, malaria, gonorrhea, and hemorrhoids
-Treat boils, abscesses and wet eczema
-Treat canker sores