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Why Raw Almond Milk and Not Roasted Almond Milk ?

Why Raw Almond Milk and Not Roasted Almond Milk ?

Raw almond milk is almond milk that made from whole almonds and is not processed by heating. While roasted almond milk comes from baked almonds where the heating process takes place. The heating process can make food more delicious but reduce nutrients in them. Because it is baked, roasted almond milk has a browner color than raw almond milk.

Roasted almond milk more tempting, savory, and fragrant, but it is healthier if you consume raw almond milk.

Roasting almonds can damage the cellular structure of almonds and reduce their quality.

There are differences in nutrient content between raw almond milk and roasted almond milk, such as fiber, vitamins, and phosphorus. Raw almond milk has more fiber content, while fiber in roasted almond milk decreased. For vitamins and phosphorus, raw almond milk has a higher vitamin content. Also, raw almond milk has higher antioxidant content.

So, do you choose raw almond milk or roasted almond milk ?