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Benefits Using Glass Bottle for Your Raw Almond Milk

Benefits Using Glass Bottle for Your Raw Almond Milk

Glass bottle is a bottle that made from glass with a neck that is narrower than the body and mouth.

In terms of art, of course clearly visible, glass bottle can appear more beautiful. From a health standpoint, it turns out that a glass bottle is able to maintain the taste and aroma, of the drink or the contents inside. This is the true nature of glass bottles.

In plastic bottle packaging, it leaves the aroma according to the contents in it. A plastic bottle can change the smell of apples, after apple juice is poured into it. When replaced with avocado juice, for example, the aroma of apples is still left behind. As a result, the avocado juice that you want to enjoy, is forced to mix with the taste of apples left behind.

The glass bottle found by Berzelius in 1824, is one of the products that is environmentally friendly, because glass bottles can be reused. The use of glass bottles can reduce the amount of use of plastic bottles that are only single-use. Thus, environmental pollution will also decrease.

The use of glass bottles is one of the eco-friendly applications. Eco-friendly is environmentally friendly which is good for the environment, not harmful to the environment, does not cause pollution or substances that change the original arrangement of the environment.

Glass bottles are resistant to chemical reactions. Glass bottles are compounds that are inert so it is safe to package beverage products. Using a glass bottle for raw almond milk containers will retain the flavor and aroma. If stored in the refrigerator, the glass bottle will cool faster. In addition, if raw almond milk is cold and placed at room temperature, the cold will last longer.

Glass bottles are free of chemicals, especially BPA (Bisphenol A). Glass bottles are reused products. Glass bottles are easy to sterilize and do not melt or change shape. Glass bottles are also easy and safe when cleaned.

The use of glass bottles is one example of the application of 4R. Glass bottles can be reused as a place to drink or for candy bars, candle holders can even be used as flower vases or as room decorations. Glass bottles can also be made into crafts, such as flower pots, mini aquariums, lighting places to become beautiful household furniture.

If you subscribe to our raw almond milk, you can return your glass bottle to us. Your actions helps reduce plastic bottles in the environment around us.