How To Buy Fresh Raw Almond Milk in Bali ?

How To Buy Fresh Raw Almond Milk in Bali ?

Almond milk is consumed as a substitute for cow’s milk because it is free of lactose and casein (cow’s milk protein) which is a source of allergens for some people. The high content of good fats, vitamin E, and folic acid make almonds a favorite for healthy lovers.

In the west, almond milk has become a commercial product and the people are used to enjoying this milk. How about in Bali? In Bali, almond milk starts to rise and not yet on an industrial scale, so the production is still homemade. But that’s the advantage.

Homemade almond milk is also called raw or fresh almond milk because the manufacturing process does not involve high temperatures at all. The result is more fresh and healthy almond milk because enzymes and nutrients are not damaged by heating process.

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