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Tajba Diet Packages 778x195

Feed your body and soul with fresh, healthy and delicious food! Everything is raw, easy to throw together and super satisfying. There is both fat and protein to keep you going and fill you up. Grab a friend, or two, and join forces to come out feeling better than ever with this raw food reset!………Read More >>


Tajba Vegan Packages 778x195 - 2

Just because you are vegetarian does not mean you have to befriend with all same boring food choices or slave over the stove all day. With Tajba vegan package, enjoying an environmentally friendly, animal-product-free milk has never been easier. Our vegetarian milks provides nutritious and yummy food delivered fresh to your doorstep……….Read More >>


Tajba Pregnancy Packages for Pregnant Mother

Raw plant-based milks are one of the food sources that are rich in nutrients. Instead of drinking unhealthy milks, you should replace unhealthy milks with raw plant-based milks. Raw plant-based milks for pregnant women are also very good in completing nutritional needs when pregnant women are undergoing pregnancy……….Read More >>


Tajba Breastfeeding Packages

Mothers must be familiar with so many benefits of breast milk for babies. Giving exclusive breastfeeding is highly recommended until the baby is 2 years old. Breast milk is the best food for babies even though so much formula milk claims to have the best content for babies……….Read More >>


Tajba Hampering 778x195 - 2

Spoil someone and inspire healthy living with Tajba products. Healthy gifts make great gifts for anyone in your life. Moms and Dads love them, coworkers are happy to have something useful and your friends appreciate the fact you’re thinking about their health……….Read More >>

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