The Original Bali Raw Cashew Milk

The Original Bali Raw Cashew Milk

Nuts - Good for Pregnant Mother

Nuts – Good for Pregnant Mother

Pregnancy is a pleasant time for a mother. At this time, the mother should pay attention to the intake of food consumed to meet the nutritional needs of the mother and fetus. Because balanced nutrition affects fetal growth and development. One of them is to consume nuts, both consume directly or processed forms such as… Continue reading Nuts – Good for Pregnant Mother

Cashew Nuts Can Reduce The Risk of Cancer

Cashew Nuts Can Reduce The Risk of Cancer

Cashew nuts can reduce the risk of cancer. The content of antioxidants and vitamins that are high in cashews can help eliminate free radicals in the body. Cashew nuts can help boost the immune system and kill cancer cells that develop in the body.

Raw Cashew Milk Can Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels

Raw Cashew Milk Can Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels

Raw cashew milk can improve heart health and reduce bad cholesterol levels. Monounsaturated fats help improve heart health. Consuming raw cashew milk can increase good cholesterol levels and reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Creamy, Thick, and Smooth - Characteristic of Cashew Milk

Creamy, Thick, and Smooth – Characteristic of Cashew Milk

Cashew milk has fat, calcium, vitamin D, E, and A which is almost the same as other plant milk. For taste, cashew milk has a flavor that is not too nutty and has a slightly sweeter taste. Cashew milk also tends to be more creamy and thick, the consistency resembles coconut milk, and the taste… Continue reading Creamy, Thick, and Smooth – Characteristic of Cashew Milk

Cashew Milk - Lactose-free Vegan Milk

Cashew Milk – Lactose-free Vegan Milk

Lactose is usually found in dairy products of cows, goats, horses and sheep. While milk produced from plant such as cashews is free of lactose which the body cannot digest. So, if you want to eat cereal with milk, you can replace cow's milk with plant milk. Cashew milk has recently gained popularity, and for… Continue reading Cashew Milk – Lactose-free Vegan Milk

Cashew Milk - Good for Digestion and Makes Your Day Happy

Cashew Milk – Good for Digestion and Makes Your Day Happy

Cashew milk contains the amino acid tryptophan which helps to make serotonin - the hormone responsible for making a sense of well-being and feeling extraordinary! Means that cashew milk can be a mood booster when the mood is down! Serotonin is also important for the proper development of the enteric nervous system (ENS) to support… Continue reading Cashew Milk – Good for Digestion and Makes Your Day Happy

Cashew Milk - Good for Heart Health

Cashew Milk – Good for Heart Health

Cashew milk is also a good source of magnesium essential for energy metabolism and nerve function. The fats contained in cashew nut milk are healthy fats, most of the fat is anti-inflammatory oleic fat. Monounsaturated fats are the same as those found in olive and macadamia oils which are good for heart health.

Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Benefits of Cashew Nuts Cashew nuts are an exclusive type of beans and are bought in the market. Many people hunt this cashew nut, to be processed in such a way. These cashews are generally larger than other nuts. The distinctive savory taste and crunchy texture make this cashew nut popular with various age groups.… Continue reading Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Balinese Cashew Sauce Original

Balinese Cashew Sauce Original

We always use balinese cashew sauce for our vegetables because it adds so much delicious flavor, but we can only start to imagine all the dishes this vegan cashew nut sauce can be used on. Some other ideas include pasta, roasted vegetables, as a dip for chips or veggies, and baked potatoes. Get creative!