Cashew Milk - Lactose-free Vegan Milk

Cashew Milk – Lactose-free Vegan Milk

Lactose is usually found in dairy products of cows, goats, horses and sheep. While milk produced from plant such as cashews is free of lactose which the body cannot digest. So, if you want to eat cereal with milk, you can replace cow's milk with plant milk. Cashew milk has recently gained popularity, and for… Continue reading Cashew Milk – Lactose-free Vegan Milk

Soft and Creamy - Texture of Oat Milk

Soft and Creamy – Texture of Oat Milk

Oat milk is the most talked about beverage among people who are on a diet. Oat milk is include healthy drinks, but is it really good? In general, oat milk has a lower sodium content than other non-dairy options. This plant milk is lactose free, calcium rich, and low fat. Oat milk is a substitute… Continue reading Soft and Creamy – Texture of Oat Milk