Amazing Benefits of Hazelnut for Skin Beauty
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Amazing Benefits of Hazelnut for Skin Beauty

Hazelnut is commonly used as a flavoring or a mixture of a number of dishes. Hazelnut can also be processed into hazelnut milk which is delicious and healthy for the body. In addition to health, hazelnuts also have benefits that make the skin more healthy and beautiful. Hazelnut contains natural fats that can keep the… Continue reading Amazing Benefits of Hazelnut for Skin Beauty

Nuts - Good for Pregnant Mother
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Nuts – Good for Pregnant Mother

Pregnancy is a pleasant time for a mother. At this time, the mother should pay attention to the intake of food consumed to meet the nutritional needs of the mother and fetus. Because balanced nutrition affects fetal growth and development. One of them is to consume nuts, both consume directly or processed forms such as… Continue reading Nuts – Good for Pregnant Mother