World Smile Day 4th October 2019
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World Smile Day 4th October 2019

Sometimes all it takes to make the day better is a smile, whether it’s one someone gives to you, or one you share with another. Little acts of kindness can bring a shining smile to someone who has otherwise had a terrible day, and it can change everything that follows. Whether it’s just a simple… Continue reading World Smile Day 4th October 2019

Happy Galungan and Kuningan Day 2019
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Happy Galungan and Kuningan Day 2019

It’s a celebration day for the victory of Dharma ( good & kindness ) against Adharma ( evil & badness ). Happy Galungan and Kuningan Day 2019 for those who celebrates. May Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa bless you and wishing everyone a happiness, and prosperity.

Kindness Is Like Almond Milk Coffee
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Kindness Is Like Almond Milk Coffee

Let's Get Quotes

Good Morning All

Living happily isn't only because of having a lot of money, but also health and longevity. Enjoy the health that is always surrounded by kindness and peace. Good morning all .... and have a nice day.....