Benefits of Starfruit for Body Health

Amazing Benefits of Starfruit for Body Health

Starfruit is a five-ribbed fruit and when cut transversely it will be a star. When young, the skin of the fruit is light green and turns yellow to reddish when ripe. The flesh is thick, yellow, and contains lots of water. It tastes sweet to sour. Star fruit has many benefits including: - Dilute phlegm… Continue reading Amazing Benefits of Starfruit for Body Health

Benefits of Grapes for Body Health

Wonderful Benefits of Grapes for Body Health

Type of grapes in the world varies and can be grouped into three basic types of grapes, namely old world, north american, and hybrids. The fruit's skin color is diverse, some are yellow, green, red, or purple. Generally, grapes is consumed in the form of juice, salad, or eaten directly. Nutrient content in grapes includes… Continue reading Wonderful Benefits of Grapes for Body Health

A Glimpse of Watermelon Fruit

Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon

Watermelons are known to have two types, namely red and yellow fleshy watermelons. The shape of the fruit is round or oval. Fruit skin is green and has a distinctive pattern. The inner skin is thick and white. Watermelon flesh is thick, tastes sweet, and the water content is very high. Benefits of watermelon fruit:… Continue reading Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon