Weekend!!! Let's Get Nuts!!!

Weekend!!! Let’s Get Nuts!!!

Ms Melda Andina: Weekend!!! Let's Get Nuts!!!

The Healthiest Nuts

The Healthiest Nuts

Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Healthy Breakfast with Tajba Muesli

Healthy Breakfast with Tajba Muesli

Nuts - Good for Pregnant Mother

Nuts – Good for Pregnant Mother

Pregnancy is a pleasant time for a mother. At this time, the mother should pay attention to the intake of food consumed to meet the nutritional needs of the mother and fetus. Because balanced nutrition affects fetal growth and development. One of them is to consume nuts, both consume directly or processed forms such as… Continue reading Nuts – Good for Pregnant Mother

Almonds - Fruits or Nuts

Almonds – Fruits or Nuts

Almonds - Fruits or Nuts Almonds are one of healthy snacks. In fact, almonds become one of the favorite snacks for dieters. Almonds are also often categorized as part of a group of nuts. However, the reality is not so. Almonds are not nuts but fruit. How come? Reported by the Daily Meal page, almonds… Continue reading Almonds – Fruits or Nuts

Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Benefits of Cashew Nuts Cashew nuts are an exclusive type of beans and are bought in the market. Many people hunt this cashew nut, to be processed in such a way. These cashews are generally larger than other nuts. The distinctive savory taste and crunchy texture make this cashew nut popular with various age groups.… Continue reading Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Healthy Breakfast and Snack

Healthy Breakfast and Snack Tajba Granola is a food consisting of whole grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. So granola contains high fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals essential for the body. Let us get used to eating healthy food from now to keep the body healthy. Stay healthy!