The Original and Fresh Almond Milk in Bali
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The Original and Fresh Almond Milk in Bali

Almond milk is milk derived from almonds. Almond milk contains a lot of energy, protein and fiber. So from that almond milk has many benefits. Here are the benefits of almond milk for health: 1. Helps to lose weight Drinking almond milk every day and regularly can reduce your weight. 2. Reducing the risk of… Continue reading The Original and Fresh Almond Milk in Bali

Benefits of Sesame Seed
Health Facts & Tips

Health Benefits of Sesame Seed

The content contained in sesame seeds, making this grain has a lot of benefits that could generally be classified into two things, namely treatment and medication. For treatment, sesame seed has properties to prevent hair loss, prevent aging, prevent cancer, prevent hypertension, prevent stroke, and prevent other degenerative diseases. As for medication, sesame seed is… Continue reading Health Benefits of Sesame Seed