Health Benefits of Guava
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Health Benefits of Guava

Guava fruit has an oval shape with yellowish green fruit skin. The flesh is white and red, has a soft texture. It tastes sweet, and there are many small seeds in the middle. Guava has a high vitamin C content that is 9 times more than oranges. This fruit also contains iron minerals, potassium, calcium,… Continue reading Health Benefits of Guava

What is Sweetsops
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Amazing Benefits Of Sweetsops For Health

Sweetsops has a Latin name called Annona squamosa. Annona squamosa is a small, well-branched tree or shrub from the family Annonaceae that bears edible fruits called sugar-apples or srikaya in Indonesian. Srikaya fruit is round with a speckled whistle like scales. Fruit skin is whitish green. When it's ripe, the skin is shiny and the… Continue reading Amazing Benefits Of Sweetsops For Health

What is Dutch Eggplant
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Do You Know The Benefits Of Dutch Eggplant For Health?

Dutch eggplant in Latin is called Solanum Betaceum. This plant is included in the type of eggplant, in English is often called Tamarillo. The fruit is oval in the size of a chicken egg. The skin of dutch eggplant is purplish brown. Fruit flesh is brown, soft-textured, and tastes sweet. Dutch eggplant has several benefits… Continue reading Do You Know The Benefits Of Dutch Eggplant For Health?