Nauseous Because of Worry, Eat This Fruit
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Nauseous Because of Worry, Eat This Fruit

Cantalupensis (Cucumis melo L.) is a fruit-producing plant that is widely used as a refreshing drink in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia it is called blewah. It is a kind of melon but is different from the cultivation group. Blewah is generally oval, with bright orange skin with greenish spots. Behind the thin fruit skin, there… Continue reading Nauseous Because of Worry, Eat This Fruit

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Oat Milk to Lose Weight

To lose weight, oat milk is one of the choices. Why? Because the main ingredient for making oat milk is rolled oats. Rolled oats are low in calories and contain protein. Vitamins contained include vitamin B complex, especially thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin E. Rolled oats are relatively rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorus,… Continue reading Oat Milk to Lose Weight