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Know More About Almond Plants

Almonds are native to the Middle East and India. In Iran, India, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and countries in Central Asia, almonds are called badam. From its native region, almonds then spread to northern Africa and southern Europe. From southern Europe, almonds are brought to other parts of the world, especially California, the United States. The United… Continue reading Know More About Almond Plants

Almond - The Super Food
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Almond – The Super Food

Why almond is referred to as "Super Food" ? Almonds are called super food because they are foods that contain rich in nutrients and vitamins. Almonds are a source of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and dietary fiber that are needed for a healthy brain and body. Besides being eaten raw, almonds are also… Continue reading Almond – The Super Food

Almond Milk for Children's Brain Intelligence
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Almond Milk for Children’s Brain Intelligence

Almonds are super food that preferably be included in a child's diet to help improve cognitive function. Almond has lean protein which is very good for the brain. In addition to supplying energy, almonds help in repairing damaged brain cells during the life process. This is very helpful in improving cognitive function of the brain… Continue reading Almond Milk for Children’s Brain Intelligence