Benefits of Asparagus for Body Health
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Amazing Benefits of Asparagus for Body Health

The part of the asparagus plant that is used as food is the stem. These plants are generally green. Young stems can be eaten raw, while older ones must be boiled or cooked. The benefits of asparagus for body health are: - Treat kidney disorders - Treat hypertension - Prevent anemia - Produce red blood… Continue reading Amazing Benefits of Asparagus for Body Health

Miraculous Benefits of Soursop Leaves
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Miraculous Benefits of Soursop Leaves

Miraculous Benefits of Soursop Leaves Soursop leaves are leaves that can help the healing process in certain diseases and can also cure the health disorders that many people experience today. Although not as attractive as soursop fruit, but the benefits of soursop leaves are far more than the fruit itself. Soursop leaves are proven to… Continue reading Miraculous Benefits of Soursop Leaves

Benefits of Chinese Cabbage
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Fantastic Benefits of Chinese Cabbage

In some areas, chinese cabbage is known as sawi tanah, sawi lemah, sawi taneuh, or naru-maru. The shape of this plant is almost the same as green mustard. It's just that the leaf arrangement is tighter and the leaf midrib is white. The content of nutrients in chinese cabbage is provitamin A, vitamin B, and… Continue reading Fantastic Benefits of Chinese Cabbage