Why Us?

Tajba sets out to bring honest and simple nut milks into the lives of those who are looking for a non-dairy milk alternative, lactose intolerant, vegan or simply love nut milks.


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We’d like to plant a little seed: You don’t have to be hardcore vegan to get big benefits from eating more plants. And you don’t have to go cold-tofurkey, either. Eating more plants can simply be an easy change here. It all adds up to make a difference……….Read More >>


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At Tajba we are dedicated to crafting real food for real people. Our milks are hand-blended resulting in fresh creamy deliciousness. The secret of our milks are simplicity. We keep our products pure and fresh……….Read More >>


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Tajba is activated, raw and unpasteurized. It is abundant with healthy enzymes and is naturally high in vitamins and minerals. Tajba is pure. We don’t add artificial vitamins or stabilizers like carrageenan, guar gum or acacia gum……….Read More >>


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With a strong environmental and sustainable ethos underlying our decisions, we decided early on that we could simply never commit to further contributing to the earth’s plastic problem……….Read More >>


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We share your belief that food should be made the old-fashioned way: in a kitchen, not a laboratory, using actual food ingredients. We developed Tajba for the nutritionally conscious consumer seeking a delicious & nutritious creamy non-dairy milk……….Read More >>


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Today, many farmers aren’t afraid to use herbicides to get rid of weeds, pesticides to get rid of bugs, and antibiotics & growth hormones to keep big and alive. It’s less expensive, less work, and overall more efficient……….Read More >>


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We deliver happiness to busy people. We believe flavorful, healthy milks can be as easy as coming home after a full day. Just drink, and love. We’re here to please. With plants……….Read More >>

Feel free to contact us if you have any reason NOT choosing Tajba.

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